Wild Rosemary – 30g

Tamineon Farm Rosemary is of fine variety and is picked up while still in bloom to ensure its delicate aromas and enriched nutrients.
Our Rosemary spices your favorite dishes without overshadowing the rest of the ingredients



Bio Cosmocert

Tamineon Farm Rosemary is available in 2 options:
Entire Rosemary leaves and blooms so that the aromas are more intense.
When it’s time to use just ground it by hand or in the multi.
The other option is already grounded by us! You can also drink it as a healthy tea.
Just put some rosemary in hot already boiled water, put the lid on and let it brew for 10 min.

Some popular recipes with Rosemary

Tamineon Farm Rosemary is delicious on grilled meats and especially with lamb and pork.
Add it on grilled fish, chicken and on marinades for excellent results.
It also pairs well with vegetable dishes and baked potatoes.
It makes the perfect addition to snails.