Wild Oregano – 45g

Tamineon oregano, is a fusion of Cretan Hirtum and Siriacum from the Middle East.
This oregano fusion has mild aroma with a hint of marjoram and thyme aroma.

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Bio Cosmocert

A gourmet selection of two oregano varieties in a jar container which enhances the senses,
both smell and taste and aftertaste as well!
A necessary addition to your spices collection.
Because of its fine quality use less quantity.



         Some popular recipes with oregano

  • Sautee onions and mushrooms and splinkle some Tamineon Oregano
  • Add it in omelette with eggs and potatoes.
  • Put on top of feta cheese and sprinkle some olive oil.
  • Use on top of Greek salad or experiment with other salads of your choice
  • It's delicious on top of all kinds of meat and fish.
  • You can use Tamineon oregano in all kinds of BBQ.
  • Cretan dakos with olive oil, feta, grated tomato and on top salt and oregano.

Recipe by my mother Stella

Bake slices of bread, sprinkle with olive oil, lemon, salt and oregano.
Light meal or side dish for salads.